About Chrisp Images Photography

Chrisp Images is a photography and content marketing company founded by Chris Paul Thompson in Oklahoma City in 2005. Our mission is to work with companies and brands to create remarkable images that will engage their target audience.

With a client roster including Sony Music Group, Source Magazine, and Billboard Magazine, we are very comfortable working with major talent and celebrities including rapper Tyga, reality TV show star Draya Howard of Basketball Wives, actress Suzzane Whang, and models from top tier modeling agencies like La Models, Photogenics, CESD, Kim Dawson and Campbell.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Chrisp Images has been contracted by Miko Plastic Surgery, Mint Swim, Herbalife, Last Kings, Lace By Tanaya, and more to create marketing materials including photos, videos, and micro content for social. Chris has also been hired to consult with major companies on social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Our new headquarters located at 509 N Fairfax is a creative space where associated artists come to create and develop strategies for increasing awareness of the arts. Located in the heart of the fairfax district, it provides an atmosphere that fosters social engagement and creativity, as well as creating networking opportunities.

About Chris Paul Thompson

Christopher Thompson is a professional photographer based out of Los Angeles, California, specializing in music, fashion, lifestyle, and product photography. Originally from Oklahoma, Thompson’s work is crisp, clean and true to the many elements of a great photograph. Chris is a member of ASMP, and has been developing his talents in photography for over 8 years. Chris also dedicates his time to developing new talent and working with artist to find ways to monetize their skills. Recently he has taken an interest in web entertainment and online education, as well as developing technologies in the mobile market.

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